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TMI Inc.TMI Inc.

World Hotel Index(WHI) is the most advanced hotel information resource for Japan’s travel agencies. WHI is a paid membership website that is used by more than 20,000 travel consultants ranging from travel professionals to corporate travelers, and has over 500,000PV/month.

WHI does not act as a booking agent. We work for the Japanese travel agencies to provide them with the latest hotel information overseas. Specializing in travel trade marketing in Japan for over 55 years, we have been keeping good relationship with the travel agencies in Japan.

Client list

Clients are provided with a license agreement that enables them to access our online hotel information in Japanese accompanied by images, news, reservation, and purchasing information compiled on the WHI website.

With our experience, technology, and credibility firmly established in Japan, WHI provides the platform for hotel-booking professionals. On a daily basis, we are having a wide range of hotel information from the hoteliers overseas. Why not you place your hotel information in “World Hotel Index” which is available to you absolutely FREE-OF-CHARGE.

Update Your Hotel Information


World Hotel Index(WHI) is used daily by more than 20,000 travel professionals all over Japan. To keep each and every single one happy we continuously update and add new information on hotel properties from around the world.

By providing the users access to this wealth of information via the internet, we can assure that the latest information is available to all our clients instantaneously.

  • We presently keep updated information on more than 29,000 Hotels spread over more than 3,430 Destinations/Cities in our database.
  • 894 maps in PDF format, indicating the locations of 13,000 Hotels to assist the user when making a recommendation to their clients.

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